5 Pet Tips for Winter

IMG_1606This winter has been BRUTAL! We’ve gotten heaps of snow and incredibly cold weather thanks to the polar vortex. In (below) freezing times like these, it’s important to remember that Fido and Fluffy will need a little extra attention to make sure they’re safe and warm. So, we’ve bundled together a few winter pet care tips to share:

  1. To keep snow out of your pets’ paws, carefully clip the fur between their toe pads. That way, less nsow will collect there when they’re out romping around. Before letting Fido & Fluffy back inside, gently remove any snow and ice from their feet, legs and belly. Also be sure to rinse off any salt, antifreeze or other harmful chemicals from their paws that they could have picked up outside.
  2. After deep snows, remember to shovel a path out so your pets can make it outside to go potty.
  3. Most traditional ice-melting products are toxic. Here at The Pet Beastro, we use Arctic Eco Icemelt to melt the ice on the sidewalks outside of the store. It’s safe for both your fur and human babies and it works great. We also have it in stock if you’re looking to pick up a bag.
  4. Please don’ leave your pets inside the car during cold winters! Just as temperatures heat up in cars during the winter, they hold in the bitter cold during the winter. If you’re going out, just leave your pets at home.
  5. Cold, winter air can dry out your pet’s skin. To improve your pet’s skin during the winter, brush him regularly and consider adding a skin enhancing supplement to his diet.

That’s all for today! If you have any other questions about caring for your pet during the winter, feel free to leave a comment or drop by the store.