To Vaccinate or Not

It may be very hard to hear but vaccinations never give you true immunity. Yes, they do build antibodies, but the actual virus or disease will morph differently in each person/animal/host. The vaccines our pets and we receive are never formulated exactly for us individually.


When you get a vaccination, it brings your body into a more heightened awareness and then its builds the antibodies for the viral strain in the vaccination, but when there is nothing to attack because you don’t currently have the virus to attack, those antibodies sit in your pancreas or liver and could harm the organs and ultimately the antibodies may never even get used. In addition, the vaccines are put directly into your bloodstream and bypass the immune response system which causes your body to not know what to do with the antibodies.

When they do vaccine safety studies, they compare new vaccinations to the old vaccinations and they do not incorporate a placebo study like when a new drug is introduced to the market. What does that mean for us? It means a new vaccine could be introduced and could not work because we don’t have anything to compare it to or even worse it could be deadly and we won’t know until people or animals start dying.

Many vaccinations like for influenza do not make a signaficant difference in health. In addition, vaccines may last much longer and re-immunizations may not be necessary. Requesting titers is a relatively new practice to test for antibody levels before vaccinating.

What you don’t want to know!

Many of the preservatives  and what the virus is grown in are environmental poisons or very controversial:

1. Mercury – Goes into the body and its affinity is for sulfur and in our human body the most amount of sulfur is in our hypothalamus gland sends out signals to rest of body and the mercury blocks the signals. In your teeth (fillings) it actually gives off low voltage.  Sherry tenpenny and Korn Publications – listing mercury poisons. Allergy,Ashma, ADD

2. Other animal cells like monkey cells, chicken eggs, peanut oil, are used to incubate the virus. Which can cause allergies. When you incorporate any animal cells you can alter the virus even more which may not help a human’s ability to heal.

3. Aborted fetuses – Done from abortions in the 1960’s. Even worse, they keep reproducing the same aborted cells and the repetition of those cell tissues can actually be cancerous.

The reality:

  • Children, before they enter school can have up to 94 immunizations.
  • Typically our pets get a 5 way vaccine that includes DHLPP (combo) plus a rabies plus a lepto plus bordetella, lyme disease.
  • Combination shots can be problematic because when you combine several viruses they can mutate. So are you really getting the correct antibodies for the viruses?

We recommend you do what you are comfortable doing. There many arguments that support and are against vaccinating.

It is your right to not vaccinate, just as much as it is your right to vaccinate.

Please don’t take away the rights of people to do what they are most comfortable with.

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