Starting 2016 on a Healthy Note

By Rachel Witucki

Funny kitten wearing a happy new year hat.Some of you pet parents may be following tradition and already have a few ‘resolutions’ lined up for yourself as you ring in the New Year. As 2016 approaches, why not consider including your pets in your fresh start come January 1st?

Many people intend to begin a new diet or exercise regimen once the holidays pass. You can do the same for Fido or Fluffy, too! If you’re going to the local grocery store down the street for your dog’s food, consider upgrading your kibble. If you already feed a higher quality dry food, try including some raw. Whether that be in the form of a freeze-dried item to mix in with the dry, like Stella and Chewy’s Meal Mixers, or some Primal Raw Goat Milk, any raw included in your pet’s diet is better than none.

If you are already content with the food that you have for your furry friend, there are other ways that you can start the New Year off right. And in doing so, you won’t break the bank, either! The following are some easy ideas to incorporate healthy and holistic habits in your home and with your pet that are cost efficient:


Consider committing to purchasing toys that you can feel good about your pup or kitten playing with. We carry a vast variety of non-toxic toys, ranging from those made in the U.S. to even the locally made Fat Pyewacket cat toys.


Ditch the Milk Bones for a box of grain-free biscuits or freeze-dried meat. Treats are a great starting point to incorporate healthy, wholesome food in your pet’s diet. Whether you pick up a training treat or a dental chew, The Pet Beastro has a wide variety of treat options to choose from – and we’ve recently stocked our shelves with several new varieties!


For those who have cats, try a new litter for your fluffy friend. Clay litter has been linked to multiple health issues and is also damaging to the environment, as the clay is strip mined. Instead, consider a wheat-based litter, such as Swheat Scoop or the new litter from Weruva, which is made from Hinoki Wood and Green Tea, and is responsibly sourced, sustainable, and has super low dust – it also smells great!


You should consider cleaning up not only what goes IN your pet, but also what goes on AROUND them. Toss chemical cleaners that you use in your home and replace them with natural alternatives such as Nature’s Sunshine Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner or Thieves Cleaner from Young Living.

General Health

If your dog or cat had a recent issue with their health, or maybe they just always seem to get itchy during a certain time of the year, consider bringing them in for a wellness consultation. From appointments to help emotionally balance your pet, to sessions that address chronic health issues, we offer a variety of holistic consultations at The Pet Beastro. 

All of these are budget-friendly options to work on implementing some new, healthy options into your pet’s routine. Stop in at The Pet Beastro today to pick up some new supplies to ring in the New Year!