ARCHIVE Can Dogs and Cats Eat Oregano? Yes!

Oregano2Oregano, or Oreganum vulgare, is a common culinary herb that is easy to grow in Michigan. It can be used as:

  • An antispasmodic
  • An expectorant
  • A digestive aid
  • A mild tranquilizer

It also may assist in expelling parasites from the digestive tract and inhibiting the growth of fungal infections like candida and athlete’s foot.

How to Use Oregano with Pets:

The ancient Greeks made a poultice from the fresh herbs and applied it topically to sores and aching muscles. Instead of a poultice, you can use the fresh leaves in a muslin bag placed in a steaming bath to relieve aches and stiff joints. When cooking with oregano, it is best to add it during the last few minutes of cooking to retain its flavor and medicinal properties.

Products with Oregano for Cats and Dogs: