New Products In-Store and Online!

We have some new products available in our store and through our online market! Learn all about them in the post below:

ark lambArk Naturals Sea Mobility Treats

You can count on Ark Naturals Sea Mobility Treats as an excellent, versatile treat. Whether you are training a puppy, or your dog lives an active lifestyle (agility, service, hiking, etc.) — Sea Mobility is the perfect product for you. In addition to its active ingredients of Sea Cucumber (Chondroitin), MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane), and Glucosamine (excellent support for joint health for active dogs), the taste will make your dog pay attention and respond well. These treats come in the following flavors: Lamb, Venison, Chicken, and Beef.

Find all of the flavors here at our online market.

grain-free-cheddar-cheesecdn_pdpDarford Grain Free Biscuits

Darford is a proudly Canadian pet nutrition company that makes all-natural treats, and has done so for the last 25 years. They are also a proud pet nutrition company devoted to using high vitality, wholesome ingredients in their treats because they love all pets, not just their own. We sell the following varieties of their grain-free dog biscuits: Cheese, Breath Beaters, Salmon, Turkey, and Pumpkin.

Find all of the varieties here at our online market.

q10Dr. Harvey’s Coenzyme Q10 for Dogs and Cats

Dr. Harvey recommends this supplement for all dogs and cats over the age of six years. Coenzyme Q10 is not only a superb and powerful antioxidant, but also has properties not found in other supplements. It is protective of the heart and cardiovascular system, and can slow both the aging process and the progression of chronic degenerative diseases. This substance is produced naturally by the body, but as we age the production diminishes. This is also true in dogs and cats. Dr. Harvey believes that older dogs and cats benefit enormously when this supplement is introduced and administered on a daily basis.

Find it at our online market here.

m_puffHimalayan Dog Chew – Yaky Nugget Puffs

Ever wondered what to do with those little pieces of left over Himalayan Dog Chew? Those little pieces can be microwaved and puffed into three to five times their original size. Alternatively, these tasty morsels can be boiled for 10 to 15 minutes until they are soft and easy to chop into smaller bits that can be served with your dog’s regular food. Yaky Nuggets are treated with mild organic acid for better puffs and texture, and are cut to the correct size for uniformity.

Find them at our online market here.

Cat caveLollycadoodle Cat Caves

The process of felting is a very simple, centuries-old process that uses heat, moisture and agitation. The result is a super-strong water-, odor-, and dirt-resistant fabric that has many uses. First, the unspun wool is dyed by hand and dried in the sunshine. Next, the wool is wet with hot water and agitated by hand with soap to create all the shapes that will become toys and beds. Finally, everything is dried again in the sun and then shipped to Lollycadoodle’s headquarters in California!

Find them at our online market here.

ssw00-armor-03Molly Mutt Armour (Waterproof Liner)

For all of life’s little accidents, you need armor! Now you no longer have to worry about accidents or the elements soaking your dog bed. This water-resistant liner is sized perfectly to fit inside your duvet, over the stuff sack. Not only does it keep the insides of your dog bed organized, it helps to keep them dry as well.

Please note that these are only available at our store in Madison Heights.

kobe-gyro-lgNew Weruva Flavor for Dogs – Lamb

Weruva put a little flare into this lamb-based formula by adding in Kobe Beef, a legendary Japanese delicacy, from Wagyu cattle (“Wa” meaning Japanese-style, “gyu” meaning cattle). With its unbelievable flavor, Wagyu beef has several health benefits, including a high concentration of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid and the highest proportion of unsaturated fat to saturated fat of any beef in the world. Kobe Beef also provides a safe and natural feeding alternative as it is fed organic foods and is raised in a hormone and antibiotic-free environment.

Please note that this is only available at our store in Madison Heights.

msmWholistic Pet MSM™

Wholistic MSM™ (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a naturally occurring body component that is an important source of organic sulfur, a necessary component required for most functions of the body. Sulfur is needed in the synthesis of collagen, immunoglobulins, and enzymes. Wholistic MSM™ is a safe compound that helps support healthy joints and many more positive benefits. Because of possible mineral depletion and today’s food processing and storage practices, adding MSM can help to maintain your pet’s good health.

Find it at our online market here.

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