New Pet Products Available

At The Pet Beastro we are always looking for new products based on customer feedback and industry innovations. In the last couple of months we have added the following to our store.

radcat_logoRad Cat: This company has a great raw cat food that most similarly follows their wild instinct combined with using only free-range chicken, turkey and lamb making it palatable and liked by many felines. If your cat is new to raw, they also have 1 oz samples which other companies do not have as well as three convenient sizes.

RM_Logo_NEW_MedReal Meat Freeze Dried: This unique freeze-dried can be fed as a meal or in place of a raw meal if traveling with your dog. It is grain and gluten free, using free-range meats that is a complete meal. It is a single protein source food, with 85% of the formula being meat based. The most exciting ingredient is Manuka Honey which has loads of healing properties and this is the first food I’ve seen it listed as an ingredient.

zignatureZignature: New line of dry dog food that is wheat, corn, soy, rice, potato and chicken free. With 3 flavors, it is a high-quality food that uses chickpeas as it’s carbohydrate source that is great for those dogs with gluten or chicken sensitivities. They also have a frequent buyer program, after 12 bags, the 13th bag is free.



party animal caParty Animal: We already carry the organic line of canned dog food and found it only appropriate to represent the cats with the same great food! Five new flavors total. Tipsy Nip: Good, wholesome independent company with quality cat toys in mind. Famously known for the tickle pickle filled with organic catnip. We also have their catnip infused wood ball and Tuna Sushi. Rave reviews from many cat magazines and independent reviewers. And honestly, too funny to pass up with a name like Tipsy Nip.


cat crib logoCat Crib: I finally found a replacement to all those folks who ask for a cat hammock. Cats notoriously like curling up in hammocks, especially when they are kittens. However, I’ve only ever seen those that are hand-knitted and eventually become stretched out and useless. When I found the Cat Crib solution, I knew we had to get them for our cat-loving customers. What a brilliant design.



kittyblocklogo2012Kitty Block: This is a sturdy 15″ cardboard square with 8 scratching sides for your feline friends. Once a side gets warn, you can just turn it over for a new, fresh side. Kittyblocks are made in America from corrugated fiberboard and starch-based adhesives. Many cat folks say the Kittyblock takes a good scratching and beating during its days. And when it has seen its final days, you can throw it in the recycle bin!

oo_logoOrganic Oscar: Many times we spend time reviewing and researching our pet’s food but never what we use topically on them for skin and coat ailments. Many cosmetics (people and pets) use very abrasive chemicals as surfactants not realizing they can cause more damage and are absorbed through the skin structure. Many of their formulas have contains no soap, no parabens, no sulfates, no artificial fragrances or dye and no petroleum based ingredients that can irritate skin conditions further. Organic Oscar is just the shampoo every dog should have.

doggestivedailyDogGestive Daily: This is a great alternative to canned pumpkin, especially for smaller animals where a large can of pumpkin can go to waste. It is a propreitary blend of pumpkin, oat fiber and psyllium that is designed specifically for dogs (even though I think it would be fine for cats too). The pouches are great when traveling as well.



Coming soon:

  • OC Raw
  • Answers Raw
  • Neko Flies Cat Toys

Are there any products you would like to see added? Please comment below and we will do the research on finding you something.