Introducing Louis Boedigheimer, The Pet Beastro Co-Founder

Louis helping a customer at the storeWe wanted to take a few minutes and introduce Louis to our customers. So many of you have known him for years. But you may learn something new.

How did you start working with The Pet Beastro?

Working with Jill from the very start. We have been business partners since the beginning.

How is The Pet Beastro different than other pet food stores?

We work more with educating and treating our customer’s like a real person not just a dollar sign. We help the customer with their pets by teaching them about the best products on the market and how it can make their animal(s) healthier and live longer.

What is your educational/work background?

My educational background is in nutrition and fitness leadership and I have taken classes in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health and wellness.  In addition, I have worked within the retail industry for over 12 years.

Why do you love The Pet Beastro?

I love the openness that we can share with our customers since we are a small business in a very niche alternative pet food market. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the products we carry and the education we can provide to our customers.

Do you have pets at home? What kind? How many?

We have three grey hounds, a husky, an American bull dog and an Italian grey hound.  Animals are awesome to have around no matter what is happening in the world. They are very in tune into how you feel. They help you relieve stress and they are there when you get home and always so very excited to see you.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Anything outdoors!  I love to mountain bike, hike, and camp.  I really love biking at Stoney Creek and our last trip hiking was to North Manitou Island.