How Pet Owners Can Help The Nepal Earthquake Victims

Image via Kat Center Facebook page

Image via Kat Center Facebook page

We are devastated to watch all the people affected by the April 25 and May 12 earthquakes in Nepal and the Himalayan region. So many feel helpless — but the good news is you can do something. The Pet Beastro supports several Nepalese businesses that hire locals and put money into their economy for rebuilding — all you need to do is purchase natural and yummy products for your pets.

How to help Nepal Earthquake Victims:

Buy Himalayan Dog Chews

Himalayan Dog Chews (hard cheese chews)

– Yaky Stick (bully stick wrapped with a Himalayan dog chew)

Yacky Puffs (puffed up Himalayan Dog Chews)

Ruff Roots

There is also another great incentive to help with donations. PetGiftBox has partnered with Himalayan Dog Chew and World Animal Protection to bring relief and support to those devastated by the recent earthquakes. Simply order a “Support Nepal” PetGiftBox, which features products that come from Nepal, and you will be directly supporting Himalayan Dog Chew’s efforts to provide food, water, and shelter on the human side of the spectrum, and World Animal Protection’s ongoing work, supporting animals and their owners in both Nepal and other areas struck by disasters.

– Nest Beds


By purchasing these products you are helping to stimulate the economy of the earthquake-stricken area.

Thank you for supporting us and these efforts!