Summertime Samples for Your Pet’s Health

Summer beckons this month and our thoughts turn to enjoying time spent outdoors, tossing the frisbee to our fur-buddy or relaxing on the back porch with our favorite feline.  Make sure your pet has all the energy they need to play – or chill! – all summer long by feeding them the good stuff – food that nourishes their health and supplements that provide that extra support for a balanced diet.

June Sample Saturdays with Farmina

In 1965, Mr. Francesco Russo founded the Russo Mangimi company in Italy which specialized in animal nutrition. In 1999, Dr. Angelo Russo, son of the owner Francesco, collaborated with Farmina, an English company specializing in food research, and shifted the company’s focus to the development of foods based on scientific studies with the goal of the well-being of pets in mind.

Nature and science are Farmina’s inspiration and dogs and cats benefit when nutrition is the basis of their well-being. Farmina uses natural preservatives such as Tocopherol rich extracts, no genetically modified organisms and only GMO-free ancestral seeds (spelt and oats)  Coupled with the goald of formulating new and optimum recipes, Farmine has a simple goal in mind – to give our pets long, happy lives.

Farmina kibble pet foods use the following as their basis for a quality product for your pet:

  • Fish, chicken. lamb, wild boar and egg protein sources
  • Healthy fats and fish oils
  • GMO-Free spelt, oats, potato, and rice
  • Fiber in the form of beet pulp, pea fiber, pure cellulose, dehydrate alfalfa, and Psyllium seeds
  • Vitamin supplementation that protects vitamins from thermal stress and grants high bioavailability
  • Minerals specially balanced to provide for various species, age, and physiological conditions of pets
  • Natural vitamin rich sources of apple, orange, pomegranate, blueberries and currant, flavonoids and grapeseed, spinach, carrot, rosemary,  aloe vera, turmeric and green tea’

June Supplement Sundays with Ultra Oil

The positive health benefits of seed oils are well known, especially for their high concentration of EFA’s that pets need for a healthy skin and coat. That’s why Hempseed Oil is the natural choice for  Ultra Oil for Pets – a blend of Hempseed, Flaxseed, Fish and Grape Seed Oils containing the nutrients our pets deserve. Strengthening the immune system, relieving itching and scratching and promoting a healthy skin and coat, all in one source?  You bet!

To learn more about what Farmina recipe is best for your pet or how Ultra Oil can promote your pet’s wellbeing, stop on in to The Pet Beastro on June weekends for Sample Saturdays from 12 -3 p.m. and Supplement Sundays from 12-5 p.m.