December Sample Saturdays: The History of Raw Bistro

1203PETcovLike so many great raw food companies, Raw Bistro got its start when its founder, Pat Greene, witnessed firsthand how raw food changed her own animal’s life for the better.

Pat had been feeding her pets kibble for years. But when she adopted her field golden retriever, Chase, she struggled to find a food that he would eat. At the suggestion of a friend, Pat started Chase on a raw diet. Soon enough, he was not only scarfing down his food, but also looking so much healthier.

Seeing how much a raw diet helped her own dog, Pat became determined to help others make the switch to raw. Time and again, Pat witnessed remarkable changes in pets’ health once they started eating a raw diet.

When she set out to make her own raw pet foods, Pat partnered with expert formulators in raw nutrition and created recipes based on science and research done by leading holistic veterinarians and nutrition specialists. She also took into account standards set by both AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and NRC (National Research Council) to create formulas for optimal vitality and longevity.

Today, Raw Bistro’s products are made in Minnesota using ecologically sound production methods and ingredients from local family farms that treat their farm animals humanely.

Want to try out Raw Bistro with your animal? Stop by any Saturday this month from 12 – 3 p.m. to pick up your free sample.