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Dog and cat food dietCommercial Pet Foods – The Myth

So many of our customers come to us with pet health issues because they have tried everything. They trusted their veterinarians well meaning advice on expensive dog food and medicine to help with chronic itching and/or an upset stomach. What most people like you (and me a few years ago) don’t know is that their same veterinarian is courted by their sales representatives who have convinced them and most Americans that because commercial pet foods are designed in” laboratories” by people with academic credentials and because their labels contain long lists of nutrients and claims of being “scientifically balanced” and “nutritionally complete,” they are better than anything an animal might otherwise eat. Like table scraps, raw food, “people food” and any vitamin or mineral supplements that might disrupt the commercial food’s precisely controlled distribution and highly marketed products are just plain big No nos.

Commercial pet foods can sustain life. Dogs, cats and other animals have lived for many years on foods that come out of bags, cans and boxes. But do these foods promote true health and wellness from the inside out? If they did, our companion animals would enjoy for the most part long, happy lives free of chronic diseases like arthritis, hip dysplasia, eye problems, ear problems, fleas and other parasites, gum disease, lick granulomas, thyroid imbalances, skin and coat problems, personality disorders, birth defects, breeding problems, diabetes, cancer and other major and minor illnesses.

The History Of Pet Food

Before the 1930s/40’s and World War II, most Americans fed their pets raw bones and scraps off the table. Today, everyone uses convenience foods, packaged and easy to feed. The pet food manufacturers have grown into industry giants. With that change in diet, life expectancy and the life span of many breeds is now less that half what it was two or three decades ago. Skin and coat problems are so common that we accept them as unavoidable, and today’s veterinarians are routinely treating conditions that used to be unusual or even rare are now common place. Often times treating and managing symptoms but not getting to the root of these health issues.

Of course, more has changed in the last 60 years than our pet’s diets. Things like environmental pollution, toxic chemicals in the homes and outside and even stress take their toll on our companion animals as much as they do people. But a growing number of experts agree that the health epidemics of modern animal illnesses in large part to diet and nutrition.

Even more issues have arisen over the last 10 years with pet food recalls and manufacturing quality processes. It can all become a little overwhelming for the average pet owner who wants their animal to live a long and healthy life by their side.

Old is New Again

The Pet Beastro has done years of research and has worked with so many people who have struggled and come through our doors out of desperation for something “new.” Which is really the way we used to do things. Alternative pet food, doesn’t really mean some new fancy trend but looking back at how wild dogs and cats actually used to eat and thrived. How we used to feed our pets before it all became so commercialized and hyped (and honestly, more confusing than ever). We make it simple and easy to get your animal on a diet that is best for their breed, age and health condition. We know that good health starts within!

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